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Albert Einstein Collection 1700s-1998 Bulk: 1879-1998

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Albert Einstein Collection 1700s-1998 Bulk: 1879-1998


[BOX 1 (AR 136: Original Collection / AR 5152: Helen Dukas Collection)]:

1/1: Family tree; incl. Moses Baruich (Ainstein) - photocopy of: Ratsprotokoll March 16, 1665; Siegbert Einstein, ...; articles and correspondence referring to family tree

1/2: Lecture: "Mein Glaubensbekenntnis", held at the "Liga fuer Menschenrechte"; Winter 1932/33; 2p. typed

1/3: 2 photocopies of publication of letter from Einstein to Roosevelt: "The Way Out", 1939, 2p

1/4: Issue of Scopus, 31, 1979; includes Einstein's Lecture at the opening of the University of Jerusalem

1/5: Re: Theory of relativity: Reprint of article: "The Philosophical Significance of the Theory of Relativity", originally published in Vol. VII of "The Library Of Living Philosophers", 1949, p.289-311, with a dedication: "Dr. Otto Einstein in alter Freundschaft ueberreicht! Hans Reichuchain, Los Angeles, Maerz 1951"; Photocopies of correspondence to Mr. Louis Philip Levine

1/6: Otto Nathan: "The Social and Cultural Concerns of Albert Einstein", 18p. typed; Erich von Kahler: "Einstein - The Man", 5p., typed

1/7: Photocopies of letters of Albert Einstein

1/8: Photocopies of photographs of Albert Einstein -> Photographs REMOVED to Photograph Collection

1/9: Postal stamps in Einstein's honor. (Coins have been REMOVED to Art and Objects Collection)

1/10: Melanie Serbu: Photocopies of correspondence between Einstein and Serbu 1928-1965; most of the letters are typed, a few are handwritten

1/11: Difficulties with students in the 1920s

1/12: Clippings, 1879-1955

1/13: Clippings, on occasion of Einstein's death 1955; Obituary, typed, English, 6p

1/14: Clippings, 1955-1979; incl. "Glimpses of Einstein. A photo essay"

1/15: Clippings, on occasion of Einstein's 100th birthday 1979, life and work in retrospect

1/16: Einstein's 100th birthday 1979: Exhibitions, Commemorations, Symposia, etc

1/17: Clippings, 1980-1990

1/18: Miscelleneous: Clippings; Brochure about Einstein fountain, Ulm, 1984; Correspondence of Louis Philip Levine; Concert Program

1/19: AR 5152: Helen Dukas Collection: Correspondence with Zalman Shazar and others

1/20: AR 5152: Helen Dukas Collection: Colored copies of Hebrew art "From the Collections of the Jewish National and University Library Jerusalem"; Reproduction of "Ulmer Gulden" has been REMOVED to Art and Objects Collection

[BOX 2 (AR 4858: Centennial Exhibit, LBI 1979)]:

2/1: I: Contents of Catalogue: # 1-20

2/2: I: Contents of Catalogue: # 21-40

2/3: I: Contents of Catalogue: # 41-49

2/4: I: Contents of Catalogue: # A-M

2/5: II: Research material for exhibit: a. Events

2/6: II: Research material for exhibit: b. Letters

2/7: II: Research material for exhibit: c. Quotes by Einstein; d. Photos of Einstein; e. Mathematical drafts; f. Correspondence LBI re Exhibit

2/8: Exhibit, Miscellaneous: Part 1

2/9: Exhibit, Miscellaneous: Part 2

[BOX 3 (AR 7279: Addenda: Photographs, Manuscripts, Varia / AR 5607: Solvay Conference)]:

3/1: I.1: Individual Photos; German and Swiss period

3/2: I.2: Individual Photos; Trips abroad: (Japan - Palestine - South America)

3/3: I.3: Individual Photos; California visit, 1931-32

3/4: I.4: Individual Photos; Life in USA - after immigration

3/5: I.5: Individual Photos; Attendance at cultural/scientific affairs

3/6: I.6: Individual Photos; "Special Occasions" (at the League of Nations -- arrival in Haifa -- greeting by school children on arrival at San Diego -- swearing in at citizenship ceremony -- at Carnegie Hall -- Picasso exhibit -- 60th birthday, etc.)

3/7: I.7: Individual Photos; With relatives and friends

3/8: I.8: Individual Photos; With famous contemporaries (Queen Elizabeth of Belgium - Marie Curie - Rabindranash Tagore - Leopord Godouski - Thomas Mann - Max Born - Prof. Franz Oppenheimer - Winston Churchill - George Marshall, etc.)

3/9: II: Individual Photos (without date or specific identification): 1. Albert Einstein - earlier years, later years, with friends; 2. Enlargements - various periods

3/10: Photo albums: Sailing (date and place unidentified); Sailing on Wannsee - September 1919; Scientific Congress, Montevideo, April 1925; California (Pasadena, Palm Springs) 1931-32; Photographs of Children and grandchildren, varia; Addenda: Photo showing Albert Einstein with the anthropologist Levy-Bruhl, the sociologist Franz Oppenheimer and the President of the Kant-Gesellschaft, Professor Liebert in Davos, Switzerland, 1928

3/11: III.1: Photos of artworks (drawings, paintings, sculptures) featuring A. Einstein

3/12: III.2: Artworks (drawings, paintings, sculptures) featuring A. Einstein

3/13: III.3. Cartoons, featuring Albert Einstein

3/14: Photocopies "Gaestebuch" - Haus Einstein, Caputh 1929-1932. -- ORIGINAL REMOVED TO R 39

3/15: Commemorative folder - Inauguration of Albert Einstein School - Mexico

3/16: Margot Einsteins' Folder of Commemorative U.S. postage stamps featuring Albert Einstein (1966, 1979)

3/17: Typewritten manuscript of Paul Dessau's Opera "Einstein", Manuscript by Paul Dessau and Karl Michel: "Einstein". 1970; German, 60 p. typed, xeroxed. Opera celebrating the life, moral and scientific achievements of Einstein; Manuscript by Banesh Hoffmann and Joan W. Warnow: "Teacher's Guide ... for the film `Albert Einstein. The Education of a Genius'", Undated, English, 17p., typed, xeroxed

3/18: Typewritten manuscript of an address by Albert Einstein given in New York, Nov. 11, 1947, 3p.: Address upon receiving an award from the Foreign Press Association, Einstein discusses the current condition of the world.; Manuscript: "Today with Mrs. Roosevelt", 1950; English, 14 p., typed, mimeographed, A discussion of the future of atomic energy among Roosevelt, J. Robert Oppenheimer, David Lilienthal, Detlef Bronk, Allan Kline, and Harry Winne.; Address at Memorial ceremony for Einstein's aide Helen Dukas by Freeman Dyson, March 15, 1982, 5p.; Photocopy of a signed poem by A. E., Feb. 18, 1933 (showing him on bycicle); Manuscript by H.L.: "Einstein on Second Avenue (A Street Scene)", 1934, English (translated from the Yiddish), 2 p., typed, From a Jewish Daily Forward account of the eager anticipation of East Side residents when Einstein appeared in their neighborhood as the honored guest at a Palestine dinner; Hermann Hesse: "Ein paar Erinnerungen an Aerzte" in: Ciba-Symposium 8, 1960, p.194-202; James K. Feibelmann: "A Conversation With Einstein", typed, 4p.; Extracts from the will and Testament of Jewaharlal Nehru, typed, 2p.; Arne Gustavs: "Albert Einstein. Seine Beziehung zu Hiddensee und zu Gerhard Hauptmann", in: Greifswalder Jahrbuch, 1966, p.275-283, with a dedication for Margot Einstein; Hedwig Born: "Stille Gaenge", poetry-booklet with a dedication for Albert and Margot

3/19: Manuscript by Ernst G. Straus: "Albert Einstein's Work". 1971; German, 8 p.; typed, xeroxed. Lecture explaining Einstein's major scientific discoveries

3/20: AR 5607: Solvay Conference

[BOX 4 (AR 7279: Addenda)]:

4/1: Autograph book: A book signed (in Japanese and German) by participants at a lecture given by Albert Einstein in Tokyo, December 1922

[BOX 5 (AR 7279: Addenda - Clippings: Newspaper, magazines, clippings with references to Albert Einstein, obituaries, tributes on his death)]:

5/1: Clippings, Part 1

5/2: Clippings, Part 2

5/3: Clippings, Part 3

5/4: Clippings, Part 4

5/5: Clippings, Part 5

5/6: Clippings, Part 6

5/7: Clippings, Part 7

5/8: Clippings, Part 8

[BOX 6 (AR 7279: Addenda)]:

6/1: Journals: The New Yorker, Dec. 2, 1933; Dec. 9, 1933

6/2: Journals: Collier's, Nov 26, 1938

6/3: Journals: Life, June 12, 1939

6/4: Journals: Der Simpl, Heft 6, 1950; The Militarization of America, Jan 1948; Jungkaufmann, Nr. 4, April 1952; The Decalogue Journal, 4:4, April/May 1954; World Over, April 29, 1955; The Listener, March 18, 1954

6/5: Journals: Scientific American, Sept 1950

6/6: Letter from Dean Gordon, re: Monthly Evening Sky Map, Feb 6, 1930

6/7: Addenda: Clipping about book on Einstein's life (TLS, 1996)

6/8: Addenda: Clipping about Einstein's relationship to his first wife Mileva Maric (NYT, 11/6/1996)

6/9: Addenda: Clippings about Alfons Bloome and his portrait of Albert Einstein

6/10: Addenda: Clipping about an inheritance dispute about Einstein's summer house in Caputh ("Berliner Morgenpost" October 10, 1998)

6/11: Addenda: Anniversary message to Einstein from the OSE (June 1951)

6/12: (old Addenda 6): Supportive note by Albert Einstein for the "Akademie fuer die Wissenschaft des Judentums" in Berlin; letter to Fritz Bamberger (Berlin, December 3, 1932) (both photocopies); letter by Fritz Bamberger explaining the background of these two documents (1979)

6/13: Addenda: Magazine: Science & Vie Junior, French, Special issue about Einstein's scientific contributions

6/14: Addenda: Carbon copy of letter Einstein to the Centralverein (4/5/1920)

6/15: Addenda: Xeroxes of two handwritten letters by Albert Einstein to Mr. Lehman (1937 & 1941)

6/16: Addenda: Einstein Centennial Issue (Physics today, March 1979)

6/17: Addenda: Article "Numismatic Tributes to Albert Einstein" (by Harry Flower, The Numismatist, January 1987)

6/18: Terry Haas: Licht und Raum. Homage an Albert Einstein. Museum Bochum (1977-1978), Catalog

6/19: Images of Einstein: A Catalog. Compiled by Joan N. Warnow. Center for History of Physics. 1979

RARE AND/OR OVERSIZED MATERIAL (MICROFILMED) (Listed in order of appearance on microfilm):

[BOX 8 (Autographs (R 39)]:

8/1a: Autographs (AR 1147): letters by Einstein to Frau Lowe, Mayer, Richard Eisemann, Abraham Geller, Egon Kemeny, Siegfried Messing, Erich von Kahler, Antoinette von Kahler, Dr. Schwalbe, Kurt Blumenfeld (20 items)

8/1b: Photocopies of Autographs in 8/1a (photocopies of material formerly located in Chemical Bank Vault)

8/2: Letter from Einstein to Dr. Landau, Aug 20, 1920

8/3: Postcard to Margo Einstein from Hermann Hesse, undated

8/4a: Letters and cards from Queen Elisabeth of Belgium to Margot Einstein (13 items, in German and French, 1955-1962); an exchange of poetic greetings between Albert Einstein and the Queen (2 items, carbon copies, in German - dated 1933); and a press release by the Belgian Government Information Center in New York about the Queen (2 pages, in English, not dated)

8/4b: Photocopies of Autographs in 8/4a

8/5: A manila envelope, containing various letters, among others: photocopy of draft by Albert Einstein "Mes projects d'avenir", photocopy of letter by Albert Einstein addressed "Meinchieben", thanking them for congratulations and charitable contribution, photocopy of a letter by Busoni (in Italian, dated 1923), mementos connected with Hermann & Nimon Hesse, a postcard by Charlie Chaplin to Margot Einstein (undated)

8/6: Personal Documents: Registration Card 1942; Identification Card; Death Certificate 1955

8/7: "Gaestebuch" - Haus Einstein, Caputh 1929-1932: Guest book for the Einstein house with entries by: Stern, M. Laue, Edwin Fischer, Charles Rosenbloom, Chaim Weizmann, Lola Hahn, Ruggiero Ricci, Hermann Struck, Erich Kleiber, Margarete Herrmann. (photocopies only - original at ROS 12)

[OS 60 (AR 4988: Betty Newman Collection, #1-36)]:

455 clippings in two scrapbooks, 1921-1974 (brittle material)

Addenda: 1998 calendar with Einstein portraits [on the microfilm, this item appears between OS 20 and OSL 1]

[OS 19 (All items have been removed to the Photograph Collection; there is no longer a box located at OS 19)]:

A series of photos by Adelier Jacobi, Berlin, showing the Einstein house in Caputh (near Berlin), Exterior and Interior Shots: eleven photos mounted on 10 x 15" card board, twelve photos mounted on 15 x 20" card board, plus 1 unmounted interior photo 6 1/2 x 9". (removed to Photograph Collection)

Photos of Albert Einstein (at various ages), enlarged and mounted. (removed to Photograph Collection)

Photos of Albert Einstein (at various ages), enlarged - not mounted. (removed to Photograph Collection)

Enlarged and mounted photos showing Albert Einstein with friends and in groups - mostly at scientific or cultural affairs. (removed to Photograph Collection)

[OS 20]:

Miscellaneous: Photo of house in Ulm where Albert Einstein was born (enlarged and mounted) (removed to Photograph Collection); drawing by Da Verona "Sorrowing Woman"; etching of Nicholas Copermais

Desk-blotter pad, given to Albert Einstein by a Jewish organization on his visit to Argentina

Acknowledgement by Hadassah of a gift in honor of Professor Albert Einstein, to help build the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem

Award of Merit for the year 1953, presented to Albert Einstein by the "Decalogue Society of Lawyers", Chicago, Illinois

[OSL 1]:

Betty Newman Collection AR 4988 # 37, print by Onorio Ruotolo, 1955; (AR 136) exhibit poster, "Albert Einstein, A Centenary Exhibition," University of Texas, Austin, 1979 (two copies)

[ROS 12]:

Photo of Albert Einstein by Sylvia Salmi, NY (1934, dedication: Herrn Berthold Neuer zum Andenken)


[R 16]:

Mid 18th century manicure set. Family heirloom of the Einstein family first owned by Esther Einstein (1720-1796)

[ROS 12]:

"Gaestebuch" - Haus Einstein, Caputh 1929-1932: Guest book for the Einstein house with entries by: Stern, M. Laue, Edwin Fischer, Charles Rosenbloom, Chaim Weizmann, Lola Hahn, Ruggiero Ricci, Hermann Struck, Erich Kleiber, Margarete Herrman

[TB 18]:

AR 136: Poster with color drawing by Josep Scharb, 1947, reproduced Bonn, 1978

An unframed poster collage titled "Einstein", showing photocopies of various publications and letters by Albert Einstein, displayed at a centenary exhibition 1979-1980 of the Smithsonian Institution

Two posters (unframed), both showing enlarged reporductions of three versions of Einstein portraits

This collection contains letters and notes by Albert Einstein, as well as photographs, clippings, items commemorating Einstein, the Einstein family tree, autographs, correspondence about Einstein, and clippings about him from 1921-1974 in two scrapbooks. The collection also includes a guest book from 1929 from Einstein's house in Caputh with entries by Stern, M. Laue, Edwin Fischer, Charles Rosenbloom, Chaim Weizmann, Lola Hahn, Ruggiero Ricci, Hermann Struck, Erich Kleiber, and Margarete Herrmann

Also part of the collection are materials used for the Einstein Centennial Exhibit, held at the Leo Baeck Institute in 1979, including contents of the catalogue, such as letters, photographs, photocopies and their captions, etc.; and research material for exhibit. The original pictures and documents came for the most part from the Estate of Albert Einstein in Princeton. Also included are photocopies of seven letters by Leo Baeck to Einstein

The following individuals are mentioned in this collection: Baeck, Leo; Baer, Norbert; Bamberger, Fritz; Blomme, Alphonse; Blumenfeld, Kurt; Bohr, Niels; Born, Max; Brillouin, Leon; Broch, Hermann; Bronk, Detlef; Buber, Martin; Dessau, Paul; Dukas, Helen; Dyson, Freeman; Ehrlich, Willy; Einstein, Elsa (1876-1936); Einstein, Margot; Einstein, Siegbert (1889-1968); Elisabeth, Queen of Belgium (1876-1965); Fischer, Edwin; Fowler, R.H.; Freund, Ismar; Geller, Abraham; Geller, Melvin; Hahn, Lola Held, Robert O.; Herrmann, Margarete; Hirsch, Julius; Hoffmann, Banesh; Kahler, Antoinette von; Kahler, Erich von; Kleiber, Erich; Kline, Allan; Laue, M.; Levy-Bruhl; Leyens, Erich; Liebermann, Max; Lilienthal, David; Mann, Thomas; Maric, Mileva; Mickel, Karl; Moos, Rudolf; Muenchinger, Karl; Nathan, Helmuth; Newman, Betty; Oppenheimer, Franz; Oppenheimer, J. Robert; Roosevelt, Eleanor; Rosenbloom, Charles; Ruggiero, Ricci; Schwarzschild, Karl; Serbu, Melanie; Shazar, Zalman; Sommerfeld, Arnold; Sonneborn, Rudolf; Straus, Ernst G.; Struck, Hermann; Unsold, Albrecht; Verschaffelt, E.; Warnow, Joan W.; and Weizmann, Chaim

Photographs removed to Photograph Collection

Albert Einstein was a Nobel Prize Winning physicist. He was born in Ulm, Germany in 1879, and died in Princeton, New Jersey in 1955

52 catalog cards (for original collection AR 136); 8 pg. typewritten finding aid of Centennial exhibit, LBI 1979 (AR 4858); 4 pg. inventory of Einstein Autographs; 3 pg. inventory of Betty Newman Collection; 4 pg. handwritten inventory of Addenda part (AR 7279)

Language German
Call number 202185
Digitizing sponsor Leo Baeck Institute Archives
Book contributor Leo Baeck Institute Archives
Collection LeoBaeckInstitute; americana

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